Mantha's Reach Foundation
(A Registered Charitable Trust)
13/4 RT, LIGH (3-4-512/1)
Hyderabad-500027 (AP), India
Beneficiary List
S.No. Category Year Name Type of help
1community health2010 LIZA RAJASEKHAR MYCOPHENOLATE MOFETIL tablets to help patients with advanced Rheumatological problems
2community health2010 ARDSI HYDERABAD For setting up of day care center to facilitate scientifically oriented functional rehabiliation of patients with memory disorders. This is first of its kind in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India
3communityhealth2010 SUVARNA ALLADI notes
4communityhealth2010 MACHIRAJU VASUDEVA MURALI Phototherapy unit for neonatal intensive care unit at Gandhi General Hospital, Hyderabad. The unit will help to treat newborn babies with jaundice. Most babies would completely recover with such treatment
5communityhealth2001 BURUGULA RAMAKRISHNA RAO GIRLS Support for School health camp
6education2012 PRIYANKA MEDEPALLI notes
7education2013 PRAMUKHAJEKKULAnotes
8education2011 SWETHA KM notes
9education2011 RAMYA BAGINENI notes
10education2010 JYOTHI RAMAN notes
11education2010 SWETHA KM Funding for 3rd year Nursing Education and books
12education2010 PRIYANKA MEDEPALLI Funding for 8th class education
13education2001 PRIYANKA MEDEPALLI notes
14education2001 PRIYANKA MEDEPALLI notes
15education2010 PRIYANKA MEDEPALLI notes
16education2012 JYOTHI RAMAN notes
17education2001 JYOTHI RAMAN notes
19education2001 PRAMUKHAJEKKULAnotes
20education2001 SWETHA SAJJA notes
21education2001 SWETHA SAJJA notes
22education2001 ANUSHA LINGALA notes
23education2001 SATYA ANUSHA ANNAMAREDDY notes
24education2001 SATYA ANUSHA ANNAMAREDDY notes