And the objectives, aims and goals of the Trust shall be carried out with the following brief set of activities:


Voluntary and non profitable activities /Programs for charitable purposes by way of sponsoring education and providing educational aids like books, stationery, school bags, uniforms etc. to underprivileged children and orphans, providing financial assistance for research work in the field of Education, Health and Society, programs creating social and environmental awareness and animal welfare, undertaking promotion activities like providing safe water, shelter, cloths and food to poor deserving children, provide fund and infrastructural facilities for self employment of widows in underprivileged sections of the society, empowering the women, caring for the sick, disabled and aged,


a.      To provide educational support in terms of offering scholarships to the poor and orphan children and meritorious students who do not receive any assistance from the government.

b.     To fund medical treatment and emergency or life saving surgeries of poor individuals who do not receive any assistance from the government.

c.      To promote and fund community based research activities likely to benefit the society including screening and preventive treatments.

d.     To provide assistance including set-up senior citizen homes for providing social security, shelter, food, nursing, medical aid, health care, etc., under better environment to the needy old aged persons suffering from illness and/ or physical disability.

e.      To provide sanitation, pure and protected drinking water schemes for rural, urban & tribal habitats.

f.       To promote new and eco friendly technologies and to take-up projects aimed at poverty alleviation by encouraging all types of trades, crafts and handicrafts.

g.     To collaborate and join hands with other organisations, association, societies, trust confederations, governmental agencies, undertakings, departments, individual donors and others in India for the fulfilment of the aims, goals and objectives of the Trust and obtain funds from governmental and private sources in India and abroad for the promotion of activities mentioned in the fore-going paragraphs, and acquire buildings and assets required for the activities of the Trust.